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06 November, 2005

More Bricks to Add?

Well, I decided to take the plunge and call the person in PA that I am hoping is my dad's first cousin. Alas, the phone number was apparently changed to a non-published number so it wound up a fruitless idea anyway. But one never knows unless one tries. I may send an introductory letter to the address instead. I just have to figure out how to word it without giving too much information about me, since I really have no idea if this is going to a complete stranger with possible familial connections or just a complete stranger who may be unscrupulous. Hopefully it won't be a combination of both!

In the meantime, research must go on. Or so they say. I am going to have to cave in and start ordering copies of birth, marriage, and/or death certificates in order to get any further with my McHugh research. In fact, I'm pretty much in the same boat on all my lines -- it's time to jump the big pond and start looking in Ireland, Bohemia and Hungary. With the exception of my O'Rourke line. I still do not have any information beyond my mother's grandfather (her dad's father). I have his wife's lines (the KEARNS and DONAHUE/OE lines), but not his. Below is a picture of my great-grandfather James O'ROURKE and his wife, Mary KEARNS, along with 3 of their children. This is the same picture that is shown on an ealier post. Standing up are (l-r) Nelly (Margaret) O'ROURKE-McCARTHY, James O'ROURKE (my gr-gf), and Mary (KEARNS) O'ROURKE (my gr-gm). Sitting are (l-r) Elizabeth/Betty O'ROURKE-ROCHE and Mae (Mary) O'ROURKE-JORDAN. Missing from this photograph are my grandfather James O'ROURKE (1902-1963) and the youngest daughter, Lucille O'ROURKE.


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