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27 November, 2005

Pictures DO speak a Thousand Words!

When I began this research, I merely wanted to know the names of my ancestors and how they fit in my family tree. It did not take long before I decided that names and dates weren't enough to quench my "thirst". I now want to know about my ancestors as people. Who were they? What were they like? What did they like to do? What personality traits have lived on in current generations?

So now, as I struggle with the road blocks to research I've encountered, I'm working on finding out some of these answers for some of my ancestors. I've developed a small questionnaire aimed at getting some of my relatives' memories of those passed on in written form. My dad agreed to fill several out on as many ancestors as he can. His cousins get together every December, so I'm going to send some packets to them, as well. Perhaps as they gather and reminisce they'll complete some, too. I'm also sending them pictures of the ancestors that I have along with the research I have to date.

As I wait to see if I get any response to my request for information, I've been going through some family photos and have been able to gather some characteristics through them. Like the people in the photos above. By looking at the pictures I can obviously glean that they enjoyed music, and that they took the time to learn to play an instrument (or at least to fantasize about playing an instrument!).

Now, if only I knew who these ladies were! Stay tuned to upcoming posts to find out how I'm going to go about determining the identities of these bopping beauties!


Blogger Donna & Joe said...

Looks like the women in the photo on the right is using a wash tub as a drum...pretty cute. Hope you can find out their identities.

Donna :)

11:44 AM  

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