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01 November, 2005


Those who have passed away are never really gone as long as loved ones rememberthem. Therefore, I am taking a loan on the Mexican tradition of celebrating the Day of the Dead and am dedicating this entry to the most influential women of my life.

Mary Hodick McHugh, 1/22/1906 - 2-1-1976 My father's mother.

Regina "Jean" Doyle O'Rourke
11/1905 - 5/29/1979. My mother's mother.

Regina "Jean" O'Rourke McHugh, 1/18/1938 - 11/13/1988. My mother.

Jane Williams Johnson. 1927-1996. My mother's cousin, whom I always considered "Aunt Jane".

Noreen McHugh Scibilia Rozanski. 1934-5/16/1996. My dad's sister.


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