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07 December, 2005

HowEVer ...

These two pictures were in my grandmother's scrapbook (my father's mother). It was simply labeled "In Detroit". HOWEVER, my dad didn't think his Hodick line had any connections to Detroit, and he didn't recall ever hearing of any stories of uncles or aunts visiting Detroit. I figured that either they had been in Detroit at some point or these people are friends who'd been to Detroit. HOWEVER, tonight, I googled "Sans Souci + Detroit" (minus the quotes) and learned that there was a horse named Sans Souci that probably burned in a stable fire in 1895, that the name Sans Souci is French for "Without Cares", and that there is a resort in the Detroit area by the name Sans Souci. I do not know if there is a connection to this resort and perhaps a hotel that may have been around in the 1920's/1930's. I now think the people in the photo are my Hodick cousins. After comparing these pictures with others of these cousins that are labeled, I believe that Edward and Isabel (Simkonis) HODICK are the second and third people from the left in the first photo. The gentleman in the second photo standing at the left looks like one of the HODICK cousins that I have in a 1918 Hodick family portrait.

Alas the plot thickens with this picture shown here on the right. This was obviously labeled "Helen" on the picture. The back of the original picture had the handwriting "Grandma Nahadil's Sister's Daughter". I'd always figured this was a Helen Nahadil. HOWEVER, today, after searching a genealogy website for a HODICK line in Detroit area for all census years, I'd found two: A Mike Hodick and a Charles Hodick. I also found an obituary from 2000 for a Nancy Moore Nanney, age 60. She was identified as the daughter of Jack and Helen (HODICK) Moore. So now I wonder: Could this picture be of a Helen HODICK that was a cousin to my grandmother Mary Hodick and that is why some of my dad's first cousins were in Detroit at some point, even if just visiting? I'm guessing the Detroit pictures above were taken before 1935. HOWEVER, this is assuming the couple on the left picture is Edward and Isabel, since their first child was born in 1935 in Pennsylvania. Nancy Moore Nanney was born in 1940, which could reasonably put her mother Helen Hodick Moore's age around the same as Edward and Isabel's.

HOWEVER, we all know what happens when we assume, so it's entirely possible that all of this guesswork is wrong and I've just made an... well, you know...


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