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28 December, 2005

New Year, New System

Monday I started the task of re-organizing my genealogy filing cabinet. I had it organized so that each set of grandparents had a hanging file, and inside each each hanging folder were 9 file folders for the major categories of genealogical record. Some were getting rather full, so I decided to give each grandparent surname a hanging file; so instead of having 4 hanging file folders, I'd have 8. In the middle of this restructuring, I decided to switch to 3-ring binders instead of a filing cabinet. So off to Target I went to buy two 2-inch binders, slotted folders, and dividers. I proceeded to put my maternal lines (O'Rourke, Doyle, Kearns, Donahue) into one binder and my paternal lines (McHugh, Griffin, Hodick, Nahadil) into the other. All my information went from one filing cabinet drawer with 9 hanging folders and 36 file folders to this:

Now, instead of having to keep turning around to get to the filing cabinet, it's all in front of me! AND it's ready to take to the FHC (Family History Center through the LDS Church) for easier researching. AND the filing cabinet was moved to a closet (which also got a major overhaul). AND now there's room in my "office" for a trash can! AND I have no more excuses for finding crumpled up papers strewn about!

Alas, my excitement over my new filing system was dimmed. As I was browsing through my new McHugh-Line binder
and got to the Griffin surname, all I saw was this:

Which means I hve nothing on them! My Nahadil line netted me only a few speculations:

So I think it's time I did some searching on these lines. The next post will outline what I know about this branch of my family tree.


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