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31 December, 2005

Only in Genealogy ... Revisited

As I was posting yesterday (nay, just a few hours ago), it dawned on me that I've developed a rather "cutesy" catch-phrase. So I decided to add an extension to my blog entitled "Only in Genealogy". This is the place to post all those funny little dynamics that tend to be near, dear, and nerve-wracking to genealogists' hearts.

What's more, I want this extension to be interactive. With that in mind, I invite you to 1), respond to the "bits" posted by clicking on the "Comment" link below each post, and 2) to email me here with your own little ditty. I will add them to the site as I get them. In your email, please tell me if you do NOT want to be identified as the author of the submitted material. Otherwise, you will be identified. Note: I reserve the right to make minor editing changes to maintain the format of the blog ;).

Let's have fun with this piece of my blog-world, but remember: I like my site to be family-friendly!


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