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18 December, 2005

What's the Point?

One of the tools I've been using in my genealogical endeavors is Rootsweb. The biggest resource I use from that expansive website is their mailing lists. I belong to the main surname lists from my family tree branches, and mailing lists from the locations in which they grew up. Through posting on these mailing lists, I have had several cousins of various levels email me with information, pictures, and just plain conversation. Through reading others' posts to the lists I have learned historical information, search tips, and family dynamics.

Yes, family dynamics. I'm amazed how many people have written in saying their relatives won't share pictures or information about their ancestry. I've not had this experience at all. I realize that not everyone gives a hoot about genealogy, but what's the point in withholding information from a family member who does? Okay, I understand that there might be information (aka skeletons in the closet) that people may not want to share. But why not share generic information? Or pictures? I don't get it.

I'm very lucky to have had relatives find me and open up their databanks, photo albums, and memories to me -- especially since I don't have all that much to offer in return. So I dedicate this post to those cousins who have taken their time, effort and interests and shared them with me. Below are pictures I've acquired from these new-found cousins. Thanks, guys!

The Hodick family of 1918. The girl standing at left with the bow in her hair is my father's mother, Mary Hodick-McHugh. Also pictured are her siblings William, Joseph, Thomas, Anthony, John, Sue, Edward and Sylvestina(Vesta), and her parents Edward and Justina (Nahadil) Hodick. Thanks Tom.

Blanche (Doyle) and William B. Tighe. Blanche is the sister to Regina (Doyle) O'Rourke, my mom's mother. Thanks Pat and Joyce.

The Doyle family in the early 1900's. Included are: Top Row L-R: my gr-gm Jane (McCue) Doyle, Blanche, Leo, and my gr-gf John. Bottom Row L-R: (Thomas)Frank, Regina(Jean)(probably), Margaret, James. The youngest daughter Anna was not likely born yet, which would mean this picture was taken between 1906 and 1909. I just received this picture from James' son yesterday. We've been unable to date to clean it up. But I love old pictures anyway, flaws and all. So even when I do clean it up, I'll save this one, too! Thanks,Mike.

REAR, L-R: my gr-grandmother Mary KEARNS and my 2nd great-grandparents John and Bridget (DONAHUE) KEARNS. FRONT, L-R: John, Winifred, Lawrence, Genevieve, Jeremiah/Jerome, Margaret(Francis). Mary married my gr-gf James O'ROURKE. Thanks Pat and Jack!

L-R: William B. Tighe, my gf James O'Rourke, Kathryn (Holleran) Tighe, my gm Regina (Doyle) O'Rourke, Janet (Tighe) Williams. It's believed that Kathryn/Catty is holding her son, Gene. Thanks, Joyce!

The Doyle-Tighe clan from 1934. Taken at Leo Doyle's home, which was next to the Tighe home on Union Street in Pittston, PA. Thanks Mike!

I also have a collection of pictures of gravestones (another one of those "Only in Genealogy does one get excited to have..." things!) for several of the Doyle ancestors, O'rourke ancestors, Kearns, Jordan and Lynch ancestors. They are from St. Mary's Help of Christians Cemetery in Pittston, PA. Thanks, Pat for taking those pictures for me!


Blogger Ryan and Heather said...

WOW THOSE ARE AMAzING pictures!!!!! Ever since my husband and I moved into an old house we've been very interested in past owners, and old relatives. We have quite a wall of photos some as old as 1840. I always love looking at and wondering about people who are gone.

12:57 PM  

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