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21 February, 2006

The Breaker Girls?

Here is another picture in my Hodick collection that I believe is from the Nanticoke area. I don't know who the young ladies are, but I'm wondering if the girl on the right is my grandmother's sister, Susan Hodick. Behind them is a coal breaker that I'm trying to identify.

WWI Draft Registration Cards from 1917 & 1918 show that my grandmother Mary Hodick's brothers worked for coal mines in Luzerne County, PA. William and Anthony Hodick worked as miners for the D.L. & W Co. at the Truesdale Mines. Joseph worked as a miner for D.L. & W Co. at Bliss (click link for a sketch). Thomas Hodick also worked for D.L. & W. Co at the Bell Colliery in Nanticoke.

I did a few Google searches today for these mines, using both the "Web Search" tool and the "Images Search" tool. I found a picture of the Truesdale Mine that in some ways resembles this picture; mainly the building itself and the fact that the Truesdale Mine on the website looks to have significant empty land around it, as does this picture's mine. The height of the shaft coming down from the above building is quite different from that of the one on the website, though; perhaps too much lower to be accounted for by a mere difference in camera angles. I did notice, however, that the picture of the Truesdale mine was possibly taken in 1916.

If anyone out there in blogland recognizes this mine, or the young ladies, please email me and enlighten me!


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