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06 February, 2006

More Than a Name

While I await a new firestorm of information on my familial lines, I think it's important to dig a little deeper into my ancestry than just figuring out who was who and to whom did they belong. Looking through the old family photos that got me started in this research, I got a few glimpses of the personalities of my ancestors. I just ordered a book from Maureen Taylor, an authority on using photographs to identify ancestors, that I hope will give me even more insight. So I'm awaiting that task, as well. But I have a little problem: I HATE waiting. So I won't. Instead, I'll change my focus a little bit and learn a little bit about the hometowns of my ancestors: Pittston and Nanticoke, both townships in Luzerne County of NE Pennsylvania.

Highway sign to Pittston, and Main Street in Pittston. Main Street for years housed the Doyle, O'Rourke, Tighe, and Williams families. Other streets known to house these families include Cliff Street, Chapel Street, Cornelia Street, and Union Street. Many thanks to my cousin Pat Dunn for these shots (and the others in my Pittston library!). Many of the O'Rourke folk, and I think some of the Doyles, too, were railroaders.

My paternal lines, the Hodick line and the McHugh line, settled nearby in Nanticoke. Many of these ancestors were coal miners. I've been reading up on the history of coal mining in NEPA. Between what I've read and the recent tragedies in W.V., I've gained a deep respect for the people who labor so hard in the mines! My prayers are with the families and towns in W.V. that were affected.

The picture below is from the Nanticoke Online website at, and is published here with permission from it's photographer, Nick Pucino. Click on the picture for a link to the website!

I don't have any other pictures of Nanticoke yet, but I'm glad this is one I was able to get permission to use, as the plaque gives a short history of the town. If you're only going to have only one picture, have one that tells a story!

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Blogger Mary Kaye said...

Hi Colleen,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm always happy to find new ones. I like all of your great links, too!

Mary Kaye

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