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30 March, 2006


This is the sequel to the previous post, focusing on the current generations and the dreams we're living.

The above picture is from my oldest brother Shawn and his wife Debbie's wedding(they are in the center). It's not exactly a recent picture, but it's the best I can do for now. Shawn and Debbie have raised two girls and currently have one granddaughter and a grandangel in heaven. I'm not sure how the girls feel about having their pictures on the web, so I won't put them up yet. But I don't need their permission to say how proud I am of them!

This picture is my middle brother, Terry and his daughter, Kelley. She is a Sophomore at a major Big 12 university, and she's heading for great things!

The last one is my school staff picture. I hate the background color, so I faded it out as best I could!


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