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18 March, 2006

Genealogy Communities

A couple of years ago, when I began my genealogical journey, I stumbled into a chat room on AOL that was devoted to genealogical research methods and processes. I was amazed at what I saw. I was immediately welcomed into the mix, invited to share the surnames for which I was searching, and offered assistance in numerous ways. They directed me to a community website, which housed the chat schedules, message boards, and other resources. Chat topics included everything from regional issues/research (Pennsylvania, Europe, etc) to Civil War Chats to Look-Up Assistance Chats to How To Conduct Resarch Chats. It was amazing! For those of you on AOL, check out our chat schedule at AOL Genealogy Community News (scroll down for the schedule).

Not on AOL? Never you fear! We are now expanding our community to the World Wide Web. Thanks in large part to one of our community hosts, GCH Will CW, we now have an internet site complete with message boards, blogs, links, members' websites, and yes, discussion rooms! Some of our AOL chats have moved to the internet site, with more to come. So how do you get to this wonderful site? Why, it's simple. Just CLICK HERE, or go to Some of our chats are uploaded to the library at this site, so if you noticed a chat that you missed or couldn't access, check here to see if a copy of the chat content is there. You do need to register, but that is free and painless. Once registered, go to the Genealogy Community homepage, sign in, and click on the link to the left entitled "Genealogy Library".

It's that easy to become part of a great community of genealogical profeessionals and hobbyists.


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