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29 March, 2006


I cannot believe how stuck I am in my research. I don't know where to go next, even though I have those wonderful Research Goal sheets ready to be utilized. I've just lost some momentum, and I'm trying to find it. I suspect I'll find it when I stop looking for it. Until then, I had an idea to dedicate a post to the generations of my tree.

This is my great grandmother on my mother's maternal side, known formally as Jane McCue Doyle, or affectionately as Ma Doyle. Her given name may have been Genevieve McCue/McHugh, as an index to her marriage to John J. Doyle identifies her as Jennie. Her years were ~1867 - ?

Below are my great grandparents on my father's maternal side Edward and Justina (Nahodil/Nachodile) Hodick. Edward's years were ~1867 - 1951 and Justinas ~1875 - 1950.

My mother's parents, are pictured below. Regina (Jean) Doyle (1905-1979) and James O'Rourke (1902-1963). My mom, Regina (Jean) O'Rourke, 1938-1988, is also pictured. James' grandparents on his dad's side remains one of my biggest brick walls.

My father's parents, Joseph (1902-1976) and Mary (Hodick) McHugh (1906-1976).

Finally, my parents, Dennis and Jean (O'Rourke) McHugh.


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