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23 April, 2006

Which One is Which?

I don't think I've posted my McHugh/McCue brick wall yet. If I have, it's been a while so a little re-visiting won't hurt.

There are McHughs on both sides of my family: my father and my mother's maternal grandmother. To the best of anyone's knowledge, there is no connection.
Both McHugh families settled in Luzerne County, PA. It is known that the paternal McHugh line hailed originally from Nanticoke and Wilkes-Barre. It is speculated the maternal McHugh line lived in Pittston.

Thanks to the generosity of a volunteer through the organization Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness, I have an index of a marriage record for a John J. Doyle (b. 25 Dec 1864) and a Jennie McCue (b. 29 Jul 1866), married on 25 Aug 1887 in Pittston, PA. One of these days I'll get around to ordering the record (I'd better hurry before *someone* in this country gets the idea that a 140 year-old marriage record is too dangerous to our country's security to release). Anyway, the birthdate on the index for John is consistent with that which is on his birth record from Birkenhead, England, and the birth year of Jennie is consistent with what US Census records list.

Family had always known Jennie as Jane, though a first cousin of my mother's believes he's heard her referred to as Jennie as well. Speculation, based on naming patterns of the times, abounds that Jennie was short for Genevieve.

I have only one US Census record *speculation* as to Jane's family. An 1871 Census Record from Pittston PA lists the following:

McCue, John 40 M W Laborer Ireland
Jane 30 F " KH "
Mary 9 F " "
Martin 8 M " "
Jane 5 F " Pa
Thomas 3 M " "
Margaret 10/12 F " "

I have nothing to back this up at this point other than a consistency with Jane's birth (give an extra year -- not unusual for census records to be off by that or more) and the Pittston location. Street names are not given on the 1870 Census; however, a browse of 2 pages prior to this page and 2 pages after it fail to show other surnames connecting to *my* Jane McCue. At least that is known.

Perhaps someone will recognize either my names (Jane/Jennie McHugh/McCue) or the names listed on the above census record. Perhaps I'll get off my duff and order the marriage record and perhaps that will give me another clue or two.

Perhaps I'll end up just as stuck as I am now!


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