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24 June, 2006

The newest descendent of Doyle/McHugh

Iseaha, newly christened Izzie, is a Pomeranian/Cocker Spaniel mix, about one year old. I just took him home from the Rescue home. He's so cute! I can't wait until he settles in enough for me to give him a bath, though. Which shouldn't be too long. I've had him home all of 25 minutes and he's found his way to the food already. When I went to see him he was playing in a big bowl of water, so he's not afraid of that! We'll see how it goes. He is not leash trained, and may not be house trained. We'll soon see! You can kind of see the leash on the floor in front of him. I was told it's easiest to leave the leash on him for a while so he gets used to it.

You can check out Izzie's Blog HERE


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