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28 January, 2007

Network For Good

You might notice to the left is a new sidebar entry entitled "Network For Good". I read about this today after reading a blurb about Kevin Bacon and the movie game "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon". It's an opportunity for people to post a "badge" about their favorite charity(ies) on their websites or in emails to friends. People can read the blurb on the badge and choose to donate right from that "badge".

I chose Special Olympics as my cause since I've had a couple of aunts with Down Syndrome who never had the chance to participate in much of everyday life. (I chose a picture of my Aunt Maryann for my badge). I'd also volunteered for Special Olympics in the past, and seeing the participants' joy at participating in activities many of us take for granted is priceless. Consider donating to Special Olympics. Make a Special Person's dreams come true.

You can create your own badge celebrating your favorite cause(s) by going to and reading about the program there.


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