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23 May, 2007


OOOOOOPS! I goofed! In the last post I identified Blanche DOYLE's husband as Edward TIGHE. He was actually William TIGHE.

Edward TIGHE was from the other TIGHE family, who married my great grandfather's sister, Mary Ann DOYLE.

I've noticed many instances of surnames re-entering my family tree. My great grandfather John DOYLE's sister Mary Ann married a TIGHE. My grandmother's sister Blanche DOYLE married a different TIGHE.

Blanche's daughter Janet married a WILLIAMS. Blanche's sister Margaret DOYLE married a different WILLIAMS.

My great grandmother on my mom's side was Jane McHUGH. My mom married a McHUGH.

Odd, these are all on my maternal DOYLE line. While it appears that most lived near each other in Pittston, Luzerne County, PA, my mom met my dad in western NY state.

Have you all noticed similar patterns? I imagine it's much more common in our ancestors' time due to lack of transportation: Families didn't move around so much back then.

Thanks to my cousin Joyce for clarifying my mistake. Oh, and the children in the picture are Janet and Eddie Williams' children, Patty and Eddie.


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