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20 May, 2007

Wedding Bliss

I'd checked my guestbook a couple of times this past week to find two new entries from two of my second cousins from two opposite sides of my family. I am always thrilled when someone finds my blog and takes a minute to sign the guestbook. But it adds a different kind of thrill when the entrant is a relative!

This week I am preparing to get on an airplane to Las Vegas to attend my niece's wedding. My blogs are helping me keep my mind busy so I don't obsess about the plane ride to come. I decided today to combine the upcoming event in Vegas and the appearance of two cousins on my blog into one post. John in particular might appreciate this entry in my scrapbook.

The above page, though hard to see, contains pictures of various couples during their courting days or on their wedding days. Clockwise from left:

In the military suit and dress are Eddie WILLIAMS and Janet TIGHE (though this may have been post-marriage; I'm not sure). Janet is the daughter of my maternal grandmother's sister, Blanche (DOYLE) TIGHE. Blanche was also the sister of John's (from the guestbook) grandmother Margaret (DOYLE) WILLIAMS, making John and Janet 1st cousins once removed (don't you just love relationship calculators?). By the way, the WILLIAMS that Janet TIGHE married into and the WILLIAMS that Margaret DOYLE married into are not related as far as anyone has been able to tell.

The top middle picture was taken on John's mother's wedding day. In it are Edward and Blanche (DOYLE) TIGHE (though not standing together), James and Regina (DOYLE) O'ROURKE (my grandparents), and Catherine (HENSEY) HOOVER. I'm not sure who is standing next to Edward TIGHE, but I believe the children in front are Janet and William TIGHE (Jr). Perhaps John can clarify these names for me!

The picture on the right is from my Uncle Jimmy O'ROURKE's wedding to Joyce. I don't know who the other two people are.

Finally, the bottom picture is my mother, Regina (Jean) (O'ROURKE) McHUGH, taken on her brother Jimmy's wedding day.

I'm going to surf through my pictures during the next week or two to find some wedding pics from the HODICK line, from which the other poster, Lori, descends.


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