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20 August, 2007

The Epitome of Precious

This evening I continued on the task of scanning the pictures found in my Aunt Norie's scrapbooks, that were found in my dad's house a few weeks ago. I've completed one book and have two more to go (plus one that was my dad's parents). In this second book I found the picture below. I do not know what the occasion for the picture was, but did find it absolutely precious. It's my father's other sister Maryann, who had Down Syndrome. I don't think any further caption is needed :).


Blogger Miriam said...

As someone who works with the developmentally impaired, I can attest that those with Down's Syndrome truly are the epitome of precious, Colleen.

I remember reading long ago about how in an area of Germany (long before fascism raised its ugly head) the disabled were called englekinderen: angel children.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The one you think is Patrick is in fact Francis, possibly at the wedding of one of his children.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Colleen said...

See? I have names, but this is among the first pictures I've ever seen of the paternal McHUGH great-uncles. I'm going to post another picture of this line and identify who my dad thought was Francis. Feel free to continue posting or email me at

4:22 PM  

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