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23 August, 2007

Well Whaddaya Know?

Since I began my genealogy research I've notice that I'm sorely lacking in picture from my paternal McHUGH line. Beyond my father's grandparents, I'm also sorely lacking information on my paternal McHUGH line. I'm becoming so desperate that I've toyed with the thought of advertising in church bulletins in Nanticoke, PA, asking anyone connected to the McHUGH line to email me!

Tonight I was once again scanning some pictures from the scrapbooks my dad had hidden away. In this bunch of pictures, I found two pages worth of pictures that had only one familiar face in them: My dad's father's sister Anne (McHUGH) STROZESKI. Oh, a few had my father's mother, Mary (HODICK) McHUGH, too. I asked my dad if it was possible that the people in these pictures were from the McHUGH line, not the HODICK line, from which almost all of his pictures have been. Low and behold, I'm not quite as desperate for pictures from the McHUGH line as I thought!

After showing this and other pictures to my dad, he was able to tentatively identify the people in the row turning towards the camera as the following people: Eddie, Patrick, Anne, and John McHUGH, his father's brothers and sister! He isn't sure about Patrick, but he was pretty confident about Eddie and John (we know it's Anne!). He thinks John was the oldest, but WWI and WWII draft registration cards state that Patrick is the oldest, born 25 March of 1887, with John being born 9 May of 1889.

At any rate, it was so exciting to find pictures of the McHUGH line (he is sure that the pictures I scanned tonight were all connected to this line, not his mother's). Subsequent posts will identify Anne (McHUGH) STROZESKI's daughter and son-in-law (at least we're reasonably sure that's who they are!).


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