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25 September, 2007

Same or Different? Revisited

A few weeks back I posted two pictures of whom I believed were the same person, my maternal great-grandmother Jane DOYLE. (The picture on the right is an updated, touched-up version sent to me by my cousin, Linda, who found me apparently through this very blog, like so many other cousins have done! Thanks Linda!).

The question was whether or not this is the same person. A few people responded, either via this blog's "Comment" link or via email. The consensus is that it probably is the same person. But low and behold, there's a new mystery. Take a good look at the following picture (also sent to me by Linda).

Left to right, if I labeled this picture correctly, are Margaret, Mame (Mary Ann), Alice and Johanna DOYLE. These women were all sisters of my great-grandfather, John J. DOYLE. These women look like sisters, no? And the woman(en) in the pictures at the top of this post bear(s) a striking resemblance to these women, no?
Well, if that's the case, the person in the top photos is not likely my great-grandmother Jane DOYLE. Why? Because she was born a McHUGH/McCUE and married my great-grandfather John J. DOYLE. She wouldn't bear such a resemblance to these women here if she was not a DOYLE (well, unless some big secret was held!).

Now, another cousin, Joyce, emailed me stating perhaps the woman in the chair was Johanna DOYLE. Apparently she was often referred to as "Ma DOYLE" as well. Or perhaps she was the only one referred to as that, though I think I recall my cousin Mike Doyle telling me Jane was referred to that way, too. Heck it could be that all the DOYLE women above were referred to as Ma Doyle.

I also want to thank Terry Thornton for his analysis of the top two pictures in a Comment from the original post! I do think it's the same person, too, especially after reading all the work he did comparing them! I am just not sure anymore it's my great-grandmother Jane DOYLE!


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