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18 October, 2007

Carnival of Genealogy

Well, it's about time I stop pondering just what a Blog Carnival is and dig right in! Actually, I think I finally get what it is! It's a collection of blogs that post on a similar topic according to pre-set increments. For example, the Carnival of Genealogy.

Jasia of The Creative Gene is hosting this month's Carnival of Genealogy, in which submitters tell tales about Halloween and the Supernatural. Check out her website at the above link to find all the fascinating stories included in this month's edition.

Next month's Carnival of Genealogy will be hosted by Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D, The Genetic Genealogist. The topic of next month's Carnival? It invites readers to submit their tales via posts on their blogs that answer the question "Do you have a family mystery that might be solved by DNA?".

I am going to give this Carnival thing a shot. Join me in reading the FAQ's about the Carnival of Genealogy HERE. Then get your brain fired up and your fingers moving!

Now if only I could figure out how to get one of those widgets (those emblem thingies that services such as Blog Carnival offer to users to put on their blogs)!


Blogger Apple said...

Hi Colleen,

I look forward to you joining the COG!

If you send me an email I'd be happy to send you the code for the badges and/or explain how to set them up yourself.


8:46 AM  
Blogger Apple said...

Hi Colleen,

I didn't tag you for the 161 meme because you'd already been tagged by Bill

8:05 PM  

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