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10 November, 2007

Thank You Veterans

From my family to yours, past and present, Thank You veterans for serving.

One of these men, perhaps the one in the middle, is thought to be Anthony McHugh, my paternal grandfather's brother.

A newspaper article sent to me by my second cousin on my paternal McHUGH line. James McHUGH, above, is the son of my grandfather's brother Francis.

Eddie Williams, married my maternal grandmother's niece from her sister Blanche (DOYLE) TIGHE.

The man in the picture on the left above is James (Jimmie) O'ROURKE (1929-2005), my mother's brother. No one seems to know who the man on the right is. The picture was among those found of my Uncle Jimmie, above left, so it might have been a friend. It might have been a relative. Regardless, he served, and that's what the point of this post is, to thank all those who served, not just the ones in our family tree.

Maryann McHUGH, 1930-1978


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