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08 December, 2007

Advent Calendar December 9: Holiday Parties

Today's topic is Holiday Parties and here are the questions posed to us:

Did your family throw a holiday party each year?


Do you remember attending any holiday parties?

No. Unless you count the Chrismas Eve get together at dad's parents' house. I do remember my parents getting all gussied up to go to a party. I thought I had pictures of them, but I can't find them.


I DID find a somewhat better picture of our Christmas Tree and the platform underneath:As well as the now semi-famous pink velvet dress and black boots picture:
Which, believe it or not, cannot compare with Aunt Norie's outfit (may she and her children forgive me):I'll close with what would have been a really great picture had I not turned my head, and had the picture-taker aimed a little lower....

Bottom, left to right: My cousin Susan, me, my brother Terry, my cousin Paul. Middle left is my brother Shawn. Back are my grandmother Mary (HODICK) and Joseph McHUGH. This was taken at my grandparents' house on Christmas Eve, I'd say around 1973.

Okay, so the better part of this post was off-topic for today's Advent Calendar, but mostly it was on topics already covered ... I just happened to remember I had two full albums that I haven't even started to scan yet and these pictures were in one of them.

(Well, actually I have 5 albums and one photo-storage box half - full still to scan.)

Hurry Up, Scanfest, Hurry Up!


Blogger Apple said...

With that much scanning to do I'm glad you got some done before scanfest and shared it with the rest of us. Go-go Aunt Norie!

12:08 PM  
Blogger Jewelgirl said...

Love the GO-Go Boots!!!!!
I want you to know my mother wore
that same outfit your Aunt Norie
wore in the photo.
I am still trying to live up to that outfit.
My mother still is dressing young
for her age, being in her late 70's
now. Thanks for the photo memories.
P.S. Does she have the fishnet
stockings on too???

4:40 PM  
Blogger Colleen and Izzie said...

Jewel I am sure she did have fishnets! Aunt Norie as well as her mother, my mother on the other side of my family and my mother's mother were all stylin' for their eras. I haven't quite figured out what happened to me....

5:07 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

I absolutely love Aunt Norie's outfit!

7:43 PM  

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