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20 December, 2007

Advent Calendar Decemer 21: Christmas Music

I LOVE Christmas Music! One of the local radio stations plays Holiday Music 24/7 every day from Thanksgiving to Christmas Day. And weekdays, they have "No Repeat from 9 to 5" so you can imagine they have quite the collection. They'll play the same song by different artists, though.

I remember a few times going Caroling, back in New York. We had a lot of fun in spite of the snow and cold. I love the "Novel Noels", those goofy Christmas songs, especially "The Hippo Song" and "The Chimney Song". They make laugh, which is something we all need always, but especially during the hustle and bustle of Christmas.

My all time favorite Christmas Song that I think expresses the Reason for the Season is "Do You Hear What I Hear". I also really love Josh Groban's version of "Oh Holy Night". He has the perfect voice for that song. In another post I raved about my newest Christmas CD by Celtic Woman. Today I will rave about another of my favorite Christmas CD's, "Celtic Christmas" by Eden's Bridge. I purchased this CD through MusicMatch a few years ago, and lost the CD I made. Now my CD burner is broken and I can't figure out how to get the CD on a memory stick to bring somewhere to make another copy. It's a great CD.

But my all time favorite Christmas song of all types? The Little Drummer Boy. I referred to this song in an earlier post but wouldn't say why it was my favorite. Here's the story:

As a little girl, my grandmother O'ROURKE lived with us. She would babysit while mom and dad were at work. Gramma was of the perspective that little children needed naps every day (read: grammas needed naps every day). I, however, didn't see any use for a nap. None whatsoever no matter what (today I treasure them). In fact, once my parents couldn't find me anywhere, and had the entire neighborhood looking for me. All over. She was about to call the police when she found me: Asleep on my bed. She didn't think to look there since I never voluntarily took a nap. She assumed I was playing somewhere in the yard and left.
Anyway, gramma believed in daily naps. But I fought and fought against them. But then she found her hook: "If you take a nap for me, I'll play "The Little Drummer Boy" for you when you wake up". That was it! In I went for my nap. Didn't matter if it was December or July. Play that song, I'd do almost anything.

I don't think I've ever heard a version of The Little Drummer Boy that I didn't like. Except if I'm singing it. I can't carry a tune to save my life.


Blogger Apple said...

We have two stations playing all Christmas music. I've been playing it for my little kids the last couple of weeks. I put it on for the older ones the last three days and they accused me of torturing them!

I use bribery to get Liz & Alex to lay down too. They wear me out! They are not nearly as easy as you were :)

5:30 AM  

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