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01 January, 2008

The Greatest Genealogical Find Ever!

I'm taking Craig Manson's challenge by answering his question: What's Your Version of the Greatest Genealogical Find Ever?

Quite some time ago, I'd written several posts about the DOYLE Women, Margaret, Mame, Anastasia, Johanna, and Mary Ann. My quandary involved varying names of these women between Census Records and a family outline passed on to me by my cousin. The first expose on this mystery can be found HERE. The follow up essay can be found HERE. The determination that Mame = Mary Ann and Anastasia was actually Alice is probably my biggest solve to date.

It's also not entirely solved yet, so the joy in the find is incomplete. You see, I still haven't figured out where Margaret DOYLE was in 1880! She is not listed on that year's U.S. Census. She would have been 16 during that year. Exhausting all possible search options to solve this mystery will be one of my Target Goals for 2008.

Other information that I seek to find that will qualify as the Greatest Genealogical Find Ever include:
1. Finding out who the parents of my great grandfather James O'ROURKE (1876-1944) were.
2. Finding out where in Ireland My DOYLE, O'ROURKE, KEARNS, DONAHUE, & GRIFFIN
lines were from.
3. Confirming the parents of Edward HODICK as Franz HODICK from Austria and determining
who Anna HODICK was in relation to Franz (If this is the family I'm seeking, Anna is listed on
a ship's manifest as being 59 years old -- 13 years older than Franz).
4. Determining the correct spelling of Edward HODICK's wife Justina's maiden name.
Possibilities include NAUCHADILE, NAHODIL, NAHADIL.

Of course if/when I find these great answers, I will then develop new mysteries that, when solved, would become the Greatest Genealogical Finds Ever.


Blogger Lee said...

We should call it the Never Ending Search for the Greatest Genealogical Find Ever!

8:48 PM  

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