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27 January, 2008

Two Vaudeville Men?

Today I spent some time with Miriam, Apple, Elizabeth, Thomas, Renee, and Jasia at Miriam's monthly Scanfest. We had a great time, and though I had to leave for a while in the middle, I think we all got quite a bit done.

I decreased the size of the pile of unscanned pictures from my dad's sister's scrapbooks to about 50 to 75 pictures left. (Don't worry, Scanfesters, I still have more than 3 albums full of pictures from more modern times i.e., my generation).

In the midst of the pictures I scanned today, I found this great picture, which made me think "Vaudeville".
This is one of those pictures that, even if it turns out not to be from my family, I'm glad I have.

My dad thinks the men are his father's brothers Patrick (sitting) and Ed. But he does not know this for sure. I'm hoping my McHugh cousin will come across this post and either be able to identify it or pass it on to his father and maybe he can.

A very scary thing happened as I went to search for this picture, which I just scanned today: I went to the "Unknown" folder I created for today's scanned pictures and the folder was EMPTY! I scanned well over 50 pictures today and I was so not happy. Alas, I found it and everything else I scanned today in the recycle bin! I think what happened is this: After I scanned and cropped a group of pictures, I'd save them to the Unknown file folder on my hard drive. Then I'd delete them from my scanning program. Apparently, this also deleted them from my folder, though how I don't know. Probably the same phantom that makes a copy of photos and documents I AM trying to delete. My computer is haunted.

At any rate, I found the photos! {whew}.


Blogger Apple said...

I'm happy you got them back. That reminds me that I'm behind (as always) in backing everything up.

7:47 PM  
Blogger Janice said...


I'm so glad you found the photographs! It would have been so discouraging to lose them after all that work.


12:20 PM  

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