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03 February, 2008

Another Great Photo

This photo came from my dad's mother's scrapbooks that I had re-organized for my niece, scanning the pictures as I went. The very project that led me to genealogy. On the back of this photo was the name "Anthony". We had an Anthony on my dad's maternal side (Anthony HODICK, 1896-1928). Family lore states that he died in a coal mine accident in Luzerne County, PA. Due to the death date, I suspect it mine have been the Baltimore #5 mine near Wilkes-Barre.

We also had an Anthony McHUGH (1893-?) on my dad's paternal line. According to his WW1 Draft Registration Card, he was born in Freeland, PA, lived at 1232 Prospect Street at the time of his registration, had dark eyes and hair, and worked for Carnige (I suspect Carnegie) Steel Company as a brick layer.

This photo has two main dilemmas: Which Anthony is it and which man is Anthony? Dad thinks it's Anthony McHUGH in the middle, but he cannot be sure. Both Anthony's would be his uncle, and dad knows more of the HODICK line than the McHUGH line. However, Anthony HODICK was known to have died many years before dad was born, so he has no first-hand knowledge of him.


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