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24 February, 2008

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I have been away from my keyboard for a time while my computer was out in the shop (how's that for a sign of the times? It used to be our cars were at the shop). Anyway, I'm back for now with Windows XP re-installed and slowly re-installing programs that need it.

I attempted to join Miriam, Thomas, Renee, Elizabeth, footnoteMaven, John, Charlotte and Jasia for Scanfest today. I hope I didn't leave anyone out. I did manage to join for a bit and really enjoyed chatting and reading. I also appreciate the help Thomas and the others gave me in figuring out why my scanning program suddenly stopped letting me save scans to my hard drive. Once this was solved, I then started to scan in earnest. For all of five minutes before I realized that I apparently misfiled the pile of photos I had and did not put them in the "Finished Scanning" box. So instead of scanning I spent some time comparing the hard copies of the pile I was working on with photos already scanned in. Sure enough, I had already scanned these pictures (thank goodness I caught on right away!).

So tonight I was finishing completion of comparing the photos to the images in my computer. I soon discovered, as I was looking at the page of thumbprint photographs in "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer(WPFV)", that some of the pictures were not what the labels said they were. In WPFV, for example, a thumbprint picture labeled "Chugging" showed a picture of my grandfather McHUGH. Curious as to why I'd name t his picture "Chugging" since grandpa was not chugging anything in the picture, I double clicked on the thumbprint (or is it thumbnail?) to see an enlarged version. Low and Behold, the image that came up on the enlarged version was the correct picture of one of my dad's cousins holding a tub looking like he was going to chug it!

I was very confused at this point. I changed the name of this picture to "ChuggingWrong" (without changing the format extension of .jpg) to indicate this as a photo mis-associated with the label. When I changed the name, the thumbnail/print changed to the correct picture! The other, mis-associated picture moved downward under a different name. I noticed this same phenomenon with several pictures; however I didn't change the names of these ones as I did that with one other one in which the thumbprint picture changed to the correct one for that label, but the one that was mis-associated with the label disappeared! Needless to say, I did send an email to the computer guy who "fixed" my computer.

Now, to close on a positive note, I'm going to show some of the coolest pictures I've been scanning since July!

Edward HODICK, my father's maternal grandfather. I hope someday I can figure out how to clean this up!

I'm not sure on this one; it may be Edward again with others.
I believe this is a group of women from my McHUGH line (the paternal one).
I do not know who these are, but it's a great picture, isn't it?
I believe this is a group of McHUGH ancestors, too. I haven't cleaned this one up yet; you can click to enlarge and see some of the names "Joe" "Whity" and "Paul". I do know my great grandparents Dennis and Mary (GRIFFIN) McHUGH had a son named Joe, but I don't know about "Whity" and there was no son named Paul. Perhaps a cousin or friend.


Blogger Thomas MacEntee said...

Hey Colleen

I had fun at scanfest yesterday - I hope I wasn't too much of a cut up!

I can help you with cleaning up the photo which appears all scratched and folded. I am using Adobe Photoshop Elements and I've had to do this for several of my own photos. Let me know if you want me to take care of it or, if you own Photoshop Elements, how to do this.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Thomas MacEntee said...


I use Adobe Photoshop Elements which is a version of full blown Photoshop. But still, I feel the learning curve is rather high, even for an IT professional like me. No wonder why local community colleges are offering classes on Photoshop and Photoshop elements.

If you want to see another example of how a scanned image can be "touched up" to remove lines and specks and even damage, look at a recent posting by footnoteMaven - she did a great job on her photos!

1:46 PM  

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