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05 March, 2008

Three Justinas? Part Two

Well, I'd only had one response via the blog regarding the three women I suspect are all the same person, my great-grandmother Justina HODICK. I also showed the photos at work in printed form. Here is the consensus (all speculation):

= But ...

And you thought there would be no math!! Keeping in mind that the pictures are not the best quality and no one was an expert on such things, all the people polled agreed with the above conclusion. Which is odd, because both dad and I were about 90% sure that this last pairing were two pics of the same person. Why?
Here are the full versions of the above pictures:
and And a close up of whom we think is my great-grandfather Edward HODICK (left) and of whom we know is Edward (right):

So the question now is, are these two pictures of the same man? Or two pictures of two different men? Important notice about the full-scale picture of the man on the left: The location of the studio on the "postcard" is Nanticoke, PA, where my dad's family lived. Not a clincher, but a consideration for certain. Also, my own comparisons see similarities in the above person/people's noses and ears, but not so much in the eyes. But they certainly bear close enough resemblance to each other that if they are not the same person, perhaps they were brothers?
I beg of my readers, what do you think?
(so much for Wordless Wednesday!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't believe they are the same man. Check the hair line around the temples, they are very different, the ears are different shapes and sizes and the eyebrows look different to me. They may be brothers though!

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Now I feel obligated to answer! ;-) I think they are two different men as well. The hairline and the ears don't look the same. But, I'm no professional at this! Isn't it so frustrating when you don't know for sure? Good luck - I hope you find out definitely some way.


9:12 AM  

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