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28 July, 2008

An OMcHodoy Picnic

The Geneabloggers group on the 'Net and Facebook are rounding up their ancestors and relatives for a whopper of a summer picnic! We are asked to "bring" the following:

What food does your family serve at picnics? Are there traditional foods or family recipes? Is there one particularrelative's specialty you wish you could taste again or oneperfect picnic day you wish you could go back and relive?

Participants will be showcased by Bill of West in New England. The deadline to partake is August 1.

I really can't answer the above questions for my ancestors because I just don't know and can't always make out what food is in the pictures. So I decided to put a different spin on this Picnic by showing some pictures from picnics from each of the families that make up the name OMcHodoy.

First, O, for O'ROURKE.
This picture, sent to me I believe by a TIGHE cousin I'll call J, shows my mother's parents James (sitting in the white shirt and loose tie) and Regina/Jean (DOYLE) O'ROURKE(standing up). The man sitting next to my grandfather is William TIGHE, who married my grandmother's sister Blanche. Thanks to J, I now know that the woman holding the baby is Kathryn (HOLLERAN) TIGHE (wife of Blanche and Williams' son William) and sitting next to her is Janet TIGHE, Blanche and Williams' daughter, who married an Eddie, well, WILLIAMS.

This picture is one I hold very dear, as it is one of the few that shows my "aunt"
Catherine and my "aunt" Jane in her young adult years. Left to right: Catherine (HENSEY) HOOVER, Neil JOHNSON, Anne (McQUEEN) TIGHE, Jane (WILLIAMS) JOHNSON, and my grandmother, Regina/Jean (DOYLE) O'ROURKE. I do have a very interesting tale to tell of Catherine in an upcoming post.
This picture has the above named people, plus my mother Jean (front row next to Catherine and Anne in the striped blouse), Catherine's husband Henry Hank HOOVER (standing at left) and I think the baby is Jane and Neil's first born son Lawrence/Larry.

Now on to "Mc". The following pictures I believe were taken from my father's paternal aunt's daughter's wedding (the names would include Annie (McHUGH) STROZESKI and Marty who married ROGOWICZ). It looks like some type of party, perhaps the reception, given the flowers and the wedding cake!

Now on to the "HOD", for HODICK. This series of pictures was taken somewhere in Niagara Falls, NY, and included members of the core HODICK family as well as their descendants' families, SCIBILIA, O'ROURKE, and of course, McHUGH.
Joe SCIBILIA, married my dad's sister NOREEN McHUGH.
Clara HODICK, wife of my dad's uncle William.

Now I do know who this handsome fella is, but since he is still alive and I have no idea how he might react to being identified (though anyone who looks like that would be proud, donchya think?), I won't name him. Suffice it to say he is the child of my father's mother's sister Sylvestina/Vesta HODICK (last name omitted).
Finally, a pic that included my dad, Dennis, lying down in the foreground, staring at the sky in a white t-shirt.

Before I move on to the final branch of OMcHODOY, it just dawned on me that the HODICK descendants either just had their annual reunion or are getting ready for it. It used to be in December, but I think it was moved to August.

And NOW ::::::drumroll please:::::: it's time for the only picture of the DOYLE clan that I have that I imagine was at some type of family gathering, and since it was taken outdoors, I'll say it was a picnic!

Above are the sisters of my maternal great-grandfather, John DOYLE (1876-1944). Left to right: Margaret (who was alive and married to CONROY into the 1900's but is STILL nowhere to be found in 1880), Mame (aka MaryAnn who married a TIGHE -- a different line than that of William and Blanche (DOYLE) TIGHE), Alice (who married LOVETT) and Johanna (who married HORAN).


Anonymous Joyce Tighe Flynn said...

Hi Colleen,
I have some corrections...The first photo of the woman holding the baby is my mother Kathryn Tighe holding (i'm guessing) my brother Gene. Sitting along side my mother is Janet Tighe Williams.
The next photo the woman you think might be Molly is actually Anne McQueen Tighe. She was married to Vincent (Benny) Tighe. Anne also appears in the next photo.

Keep up the good work.

Your "Pittston" cousin,


5:40 AM  

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