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17 August, 2008

S.G.G. C. 3 T. B, D, & E.

Don't you hate code talk? Well, it served us well in WWII, so I thought perhaps it would serve me well here!

This weekend for the Summer Group Games for the Genea-Bloggers at Facebook, I worked on Category 3: Organize Your Research. I cleaned out the "My Pictures" folder by moving all the photos stupidly scanned at 200 dpi into one folder, maintaining the subfolders I'd already had established. I then created a folder entitled 300, for the photo's I'm re-scanning in 300 dpi. Inside this folder are two other folders: JPG and TIFF, since I'm saving in both formats, as apparently the TIFF files are too big for posting here. Inside each of those two folders are subfolders for each pedigree and one for "Unknown".

Now here's a question that just came to mind. If I have the same pictures in four different places on my computer, are they taking up four times as much space on my hard drive? Or are they only taking up space for the one photo that is targeted in four different places? Something tells me that they're taking up four times as much space. There must be an easier way! (In case you're wondering why they're in four different places: One in the original folders I'd placed them; Second, I have one folder where all photos are in one place as a back up file (this happened somehow after getting my computer fixed and the tech guy had made a back up of my photos on CD; I then copied the pics on the CD to the hard drive for some stupid reason I can't remember). Third and fourth, they are being put in new folders as I re-scan them in 300 dpi resolution (one jpg and one tiff).

Anyway, according to my hard drive prperties, I have what looks like 3/4ths of my hard drive as free space, so I'm apparently not hurting for space at this moment.

I also worked on adding metadata to the pictures as I scan them in. My documents are pretty well organized as they are, and are named according to what they are, so there wasn't a whole lot of organizing to do there, though I did move some around that somehow ended up where they shouldn't have (I wouldn't have found them had I actually been looking for them).

And I scanned a bunch of photos today, too. Here are two interesting scans that I know nothing about. It is of a postcard that was sent to my Great-Grandfather Edward HODICK when he lived near Pittsburg, KS. I'm guessing the writing on the back is German, andI'm guessing that only because it looks like the sender was named Shulz. Honestly, I don't know what the writing looks like! It would have been sent between the years of 1898 (when Thomas HODICK was born in Nanticoke, PA) and 1920 (when the family was found back in PA).


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