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11 August, 2008

S.G.G. C. 5 T. B

I know the rules for the Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness task of "Joining anothr genea-blogger's blog networks on Facebook" only asked us to join one network, which I'd already accomplished. But I joined two more today, so I'm counting that as my day's event. I'm too tired to do more tonight.

See, unlike almost all of my friends locally, and at least Miriam here, I'm not a teacher, and I don't have summers off (though I worked in schools for many many years; I really miss the schedule!). I had to go back to work today. I work in a children's clinic as a social worker, and I had clinics all day. I then came home, pet the dog, made his dinner, re-heated ours (leftover grilled honey-and garlic-glazed pork chops, baked potato and a salad), then sat down outside for a bit. Then it hit me: The grass DESPERATELY needed mowing. Seriously.

So I mowed the lawn. Not that it matters, it's half dead anyway (we've done everything and it comes back, dies, comes back, dies, comes....well you get the idea).

As I finished up the mowing I mentioned to my dad: I know that if my brothers saw me mowing the lawn they'd say it was payback for all the times they had to mow the lawn back in NY as children. Yes, our lawn there was at least 10 times bigger than my patch of half-dead grass here, but it wasn't 100 degrees when they cut the grass!

Also, I pondered something else: Did any of my female ancestors ever have to do such manual labor as mow the lawn? Well, besides washing clothes on a washboard....


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