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28 September, 2008

Well Whaddaya Know?

My dad is quite the storyteller. Like many people, his recollection of past events are either very vague or greatly embellished. While always fascinating, the embellishments can be more frustrating than the vague recollections.

So when I heard the story of how his father had worked on the Manhattan Project and had spent some time in Almagordo and/or Los Alamos, NM, well...let's just say I was at least a little bit leary.

Then last summer we picked some things up from his home in Scottsdale after he'd moved here with me. Low and behold, what else was there for me to find but this:
Sorry, Dad!


Blogger Judith Richards Shubert said...

I'm so happy you found proof of his "story telling". Thanks for sharing this with us.

2:57 PM  

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