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19 April, 2009

Database Overhaul: Day 2

The road to database conversion hell is paved with good intentions. Since I still cannot get my printer to work and thus don't have a tangible list from which to manually enter in information into RootsMagic4, I decided to import my FTM gedcom into RM4. I was simply too afraid I'd forget to enter notes or other information not seen on the immediate screen in FTM. But I am working my way up from myself, adding media files and sources. I am done with my generation with the exception of gathering dates for cousins' births and such. I am done with my parents' and my father's parents.

Tonight or tomorrow I will make my to-do list on the parent and grandparent lines and finish my mother's parents. I'm glad I only have 720 or so names in my database! This is what happens when you just jump in without doing your research first, as I did when I started this in 2005.

Today I will leave with a close-up image of my grandfather Joseph McHugh's Certificate of Participation in the Manhattan District project of the production of the A-Bomb. It's a certificate that validified my father's story about grandpa's work with the Army Corps. of Engineers. I always thought he was embellishing again ;).


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