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22 April, 2009

Database Overhaul: Day 5

As you can see, I've taken some time to update the appearance of this blog a little bit. I added a new header that {ahem} I made all by myself. Okay, so it's not perfect but it's MINE.

I also widened the background and the text area, thanks to Blogger Guide. I'm still working on widening the profile container to match the rest of the blog; as you can see it's a bit off-kilter at the moment.

If you're a blogger user, and not an expert on html/formatting, I highly recommend visiting Blogger Guide ( The instructions on widening my text area were written for the newer Layout format, and this blog is in the old "Template" format of Blogger. However the instructions were the same and it was very easy to follow.

As for the database overhaul, well, I took a break from that as I was bound and determined to put a new header on this thing. Opinions wanted: Should I add a third column to the right and split up the "busy-ness" of the left sidebar? Or do you prefer the wider text field that I currently have?


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