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26 July, 2008

Blog Showcase

This weekend there will be a blog showcase that bloggers can use as a way of "marketing" their blogs. Check it out at

I chose to post this here instead of my Orations blog because,well, this blog has been rather neglected as of late (by me). I thought one way to reinvigorate it was to reminisce about my favorite posts.

If you're curious about the name OMcHodoy, check out THIS POST that explains how it came to be.

If you have an affinity for ancestors with disabilities, or for the changing lives of people with disabilities, you will find several posts within this blog of my Aunt Anna and Aunt Marianne.

My Favorite Picture
The Epitome of Precious
It All Balances Out

If you like to read about discoveries, you'll find some things in here, too!

The Disappearing DOYLEs paired with
And of course,
The One That Started It All

There are too many posts in the past several years to hightlight them all, but hopefully the Showcase will bring in new people to the world of genealogy and give me a jump start at the same time!


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