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18 November, 2007

Beating a Dead Horse

Sometimes, when we run into a brick wall, we have to take a step back, forget about it for a while, and try again when something trips our memory. Back in August, I pondered whether a snapshot of someone sitting in a living room chair was my great-grandmother Jane (McCUE) DOYLE, as the photo was labeled "Ma Doyle". My great-grandmother was known to be referred to as "Ma Doyle". You can re-visit that post HERE.

I compared this picture with another one also labeled "Ma Doyle" to determine if the two women were the same. I had some interesting comments indeed, including one from Terry, who did some manipulating to see what he could find

Then in September I revisited those old photographs after hearing from a cousin who thought maybe the more formal of the two pictures was Johanna DOYLE, my great-grandfather John's sister, who was also referred to as Ma Doyle. This post, viewable HERE, included a picture that included who is known to be Johanna DOYLE.

Then, while reviewing posts from my early days of blogging, I found this picture:

My cousin who sent this picture of the DOYLE and TIGHE families (on Union Street in Pittston, Luzerne County, PA) also sent me a listing of everyone in the picture. Sitting down in the middle of the second row (from the front) are my great-grandparents John J. and Jane (with the white hair) DOYLE. (for some reason, the feature that allows you to click on an image to see a larger view is not working on this photo, though it is on other pictures on this page. You can return to THIS POST to see the same photo and click on it for an enlarged view). It's pretty clear to me that the woman sitting in the second row of this picture is the same woman as is in this picture:

The question remains, is this Ma Doyle the same person as this Ma Doyle?


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