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21 July, 2006

A Little Break Goes a Long Way

Woe is my genealogy blog, neglected for the past month as I've been trying to train the second newest descendent, Izzie (the pomeranian/cocker spaniel mix). The newest descendent by marriage to our clan belongs to my niece who gave birth on Monday the 17th to a bouncing baby boy!

I've had a very stressful summer, what with my job situation being rather tenuous. Yesterday I decided I needed a break from the pressure so I did a little search on My first entry, for McHugh in Pennsylvania -- narrowed later to Luzerne County -- netted my the WWII Draft Registration card for my dad's uncle Patrick Joseph McHugh. He's been one of those ancestors that came and went. I'd find him in some years, not in others. It wasn't a brick-wall-breaking discovery, but it was enough to give me a little lift.

A little notice if you haven't noticed the disclaimer on Ancestry in re: WWII Draft Registration Cards for the states of Vt, Pa, Md, and De: The second part of the image from these states does not belong to the person for whom you searched; rather, they belong to the soldier listed before him. This is because, during the scanning process at, one person't second part was scanned at the same time as the next person's first part. So the bottom portion of this card for Patrick McHugh is not a description of him.

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