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19 May, 2009

Database Overhaul Day 8 Updated

In regards to the glitch with RM4, I deleted the small, hand-entered file I'd originally started since I don't use it. I then closed the program. I got the same window asking me if I wanted to "Backup This Database", "Skip this Database", or "Skip All Databases". I chose to "Backup This Database". It backed it up and I got the little window saying so. Again, it gives me the same window asking what I want to do with the database. This pop-up window will continue to appear until I click on "Skip This Database". Since there is now only one database file in there, it should close after I make my initial selection. Why does this matter? In the scheme of things it's not a big deal, but I start second guessing myself when I see the same window continually open; it makes me think I did something wrong or didn't complete something.

17 May, 2009

Database Overhaul: Day 8 and a Success Story!

I was able to do a little more work on my overhaul. I was working on my paternal grandfather, Joseph Dennis McHugh. I'd had his death date as 29 Sep 1976, but no source was listed. I checked the SSDI and it only had the month and year. I checked all my obits, but do not have any referencing him after his death. Therefore, I removed the "29" from his death date since I don't have a clue how that date came to be. I did make a note of it in his "Death Notes" section, though so I will know later to research it.

Now I think I have found a bug in RootsMagic 4. When I started working with RM, I'd begun manually entering data, starting with myself. After determining that it was too difficult to do it this way since I didn't have a printed report to work on, I imported my file from Family Tree Maker. I made this imported file a new file; I did not merge it with the little information I'd entered by hand, and I named the imported file something different.

Now the glitch. When I close down RM4, I get a window that says "Back Up the Following Databases?" with the name of the open database and three choices: "Back Up This Database", "Skip this Database" and "Skip all Databases". Since I'm only working on one and had only opened that one (the imported one), I click on "Back Up This Database". I then get the same pop up window for the small, hand-entered database I didn't open, so I click on "Skip this Database". I then get another pop-up window that asks me what I want to do with the first, imported database I was working with and already backed up. After saying "Yes" to overwriting this database, it will then close. If I say no to overwriting, I'll keep getting the pop-up window asking what I want to do with the file until I click on "Skip all databases". What's up with this?

Now, a SUCCESS STORY :). For some reason, I decided to do a search for my elusive paternal great-grandparents' family in 1900 in Kansas. Once again, I plugged his name (Edward Hodick) into, narrowing it to 1890-1915, and expanding to use Soundex. The first result was a Kansas State Census database I'd never seen before: Must have been one of the new additions to the site. I scrolled one page for the indexed Edward Hudic and guess what? It's THEM!

(photo courtesy of

How cool is this? Not much information on this page, but it still is something. They were living right where I expected them to: In Frontenac, Crawford County, KS. In the 1900 U.S. Census, they were in Washington Township, KS, which I'm guessing is a neighboring town in the same county. I'm still looking for him in 1910. From Sylvestina Hodick-Kovaleski-Kinney's obituary (my grandma's sister), the family moved to Askum, PA in 1915, and Sylvestina (Vesta) was born in Kansas in 1910 or 11.

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