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11 May, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Maternal Great-Great-Grandmother Bridget (DONAHUE) KEARNS (Nov 1852 - 25 Jun 1912) (To the right of her husband John KEARNS in the back row); Maternal Great-Grandmother Mary (KEARNS) O'ROURKE (22 May 1879 -24 Jun 1957) (also to the right of her husband, James).

Maternal Great-Grandmother Jennie/Jane (McCUE)DOYLE (1866 - ?). In the picture on the left, my great-grandmother would be the one sitting in the back row on the left,holding who we believe is my grandmother, Regina (Jean) DOYLE. Thanks Mike for this picture!

Maternal Grandmother Regina (Jean) (DOYLE) O'ROURKE (Nov 1905 - 25 May 1979). L - R: On her confirmation day, around 1914 (estimated); With her husband James and my mother, also Regina (Jean) O'ROURKE; Standing in the back middle, with her daughter sitting second from left, nieces/nephew, and honorary cousin, Catherine (HENSEY) HOOVER (front row, left).
Paternal Great-Grandmother Justina (NAHADIL) HODICK (7 Oct 1875 - 17 Jun 1950).
Paternal Great-Grandmother Mary (GRIFFIN) McHUGH (abt. 1867 - ?).

Paternal Grandmother Mary (HODICK) McHUGH (22 Jan 1906 - 14 Feb 1976). In the family portrait, she is standing in the back to the left, with the white bow in her hair.

Finally, my mother, Regina (Jean) (O'ROURKE) McHUGH 18 Jan 1938 - 13 Nov 1988.

Perhaps my favorite picture of my mother:

04 May, 2008

47th Carnival of Genealogy is Posted

The 47th Carnival of Genealogy, with the topic of describing the hometown of your ancestor(s), is posted now at Jasia's site, HERE. I didn't get a chance to write an entry this time around, though it wasn't for lack of desire. Both my paternal and maternal ancestors settled in Luzerne County, PA; my maternal line in Pittston and my paternal line in and around Nanticoke.

While I do know pretty much what brought my ancestors to Pittston (railroading) and Nanticoke (coal mining), I know very little about the towns themselves. I have not had time to research them, either, which is why I was not able to partake in this month's COG.

Many other Bloggers have had time to do their research, however, so hop on over to this month's installment of the Carnival of Genealogy and get ready for some good reads! Meanwhile, I'll start doing my own research on Pittston and Nanticoke.

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