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11 October, 2009

Where oh Where Have My Hodicks Gone?

Oh where, oh where could they be? I have them in '00, and in '20 & '30, but where were they in 19 and 10? Oy.

Sorry. But every time I try to begin this post about my HODICK dilemma that silly song comes into my head.

I've rejuvenated my efforts to add citations to my RootsMagic4 database but I've run into a major roadblock: As I was citing sources for my paternal great-grandfather Edward HODICK, I realized that I am missing his family in the year 1910. So what do I do? Continue citing the sources I have? Or go off on a genealogical tangent and search for them again in 1910? I suspect you know the answer ;).

In 1900 my great-grandparents and their children were in Washington Township, Crawford County, KS, under the spelling HODIZ (thanks to Ella Buzzard of the Crawford County Genealogy Society for helpin me find this listing!). In 1905 they were in Frontenac, Crawford County, KS under the spelling HUDIC. An interesting side, there is also a Frank HUDIC listed in Frontenac in 1905, about 11 pages prior to "my" HUDIC family's listing.

I know that in 1910 my great-grandparents were still in Kansas, as their youngest child, Sylvestina (Vesta) was born 29 Dec. of that year in Kansas. I did find their oldest son, William, in Frontenac in 1910, married to an "Amielin". No one seems to know an Amielin, so this may not be ours, though all the data on William's listing in 1910 fit our HODICK family, including William's birthplace of PA. But there is no sign of the rest of them. I did do a page-by-page search of the series of records in which I found William, but no surnames even resembled HODICK in the pages prior to and following William.

So last night I left it at that, vowing to return to my citations today. Which I started until I decided to look for NAHADIL/NAHODIL instead, which was Edward's wife, Justina's maiden name. I figured if I couldn't find the HODICK family perhaps I coulf find the NAHADIL/NAHODIL family and find the HODICK family via a back door. No luck. I did find two listings for John NAHODIL in the 1900 U.S. Census in Nanticoke, Luzrene County, PA. One was living with the Edward and Annie Holobak family, listed as the "father-in-law" to Edward. John was 66 years old, and was born in Austria and immigrated to the U.S. in 1891. This entry was listed on page 52 of the series. On page 49 of this series is John and Katie NAHODIL, ages 28 and 20 respectively, both born in Austria, both immigrated to the US, in 1892 & 1893 respectively.

No sign of the HODICK family, thought I'm a long way from showing a relationship between the John NAHODILs and Justina HODICK. I suspect that I will need to do a page-by-page search of Crawford, Cty KS to find them, if they're even in there. In the meantime, I suppose I'll return to my citations. It seems the prudent thing to do.

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