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29 March, 2007

Those Mysterious Doyle Women

You might remember a post I'd made quite a while ago about Mame, Margaret, Alice and Anastasia Doyle. I'd spent much time and effort trying to reconcile the names of my great-great-grandparent Doyle's children. Particularly Mame and Anastasia, since Mame and Alice were listed on an outline sent to me by a cousin but not on any census record, and since Anastasia was listed as a child of this family in the 1880 U.S. Census out of Pennsylvania, but was not listed on the outline the cousin sent to me. Whew, that was a long sentence!

Anyway, the mystery was solved HERE. After all that work, another cousin had sent me a picture of the four Doyle women. I finally managed to create a scrapbook page of it. I had to take the picture off the computer monitor since I haven't had the page printed up yet, so it's not as clear as I'd like it to be.!

04 March, 2007

Scrapbook Pages

I was browsing at some old posts this weekend and stumbled upon a comment by Miriam. I then followed the link to her webpage and her blog, and really enjoyed her sites. I decided to pick up my research by featuring an ancestor or group of ancestors on the blog, an idea I gleaned from her "Happy Birthday" posts, on which she lists ancestors born on the current day.

I decided to do my feature not on birthdays, but on people who are included in my computerized scrapbook. That way I can review known information about the person/people in the pictures and ponder information still needed and how to get it.

I'll start with my maternal gr-grandmother's scrapbook page. I apologize for the informal picture. I couldn't quite master cropping this angled picture!

Jane McHUGH/McCUE DOYLE was born 29 July 1866. It is believed that she was born in Ireland, though where we do not know. Her birthdate came from a lookup done for me at the Luzerne County, PA Courthouse by a volunteer named Barbara, from the organization Random Acts Of Genealogical Kindess.

Jane, who was identified as Jenny on her marriage index (found for me by Barbara), married John J. DOYLE, born 25 Dec 1864 per his birth record. He was born in Birkenhead, England. His father was William Doyle and his mother was Mary DEVER Doyle. I am speculating that Jane's given name was Genevieve, since Jennifer was not the popular name during that era. John and Jane were married 25 Aug 1887 in Pittston, Luzerne Cty, PA, according to the marriage index.

John and Jane had 10 children:

William Leo Doyle (27 Feb1888 to ca 1956) married a Nellie. Joseph Doyle (30 Aug 1890) Thomas "Frank" Doyle (25 Jun 1892 - May 1969) married Catherine Kearney. Vincent Doyle (19 May 1897 - 1981) Blanche Doyle (1898 - 1975) married William B. Tighe. Margaret Doyle (1900 - ?) married Raymond Williams James Albert Doyle (1 Aug 1901 - 27 Jun 1978) married Anna Brennan. Regina "Jean" Doyle (Nov 1905 - 25 May 1979) married James O'Rourke (my g-parents) Anna Doyle (1909-?)

There is some confusion about whether or not there is a John J. Doyle (1902-1991) after James. A cousin of mine has a narrative that lists him; however, I haven't found a single reference to him in any census record or other document. This really means nothing in regards to either this speculation is true or not true.

My next post will identify the family of my gr-gr-grandfather William and his wife, Mary Dever.

Oh, an interesting tidbit: My mother, an O'ROURKE, married a McHUGH. Who hailed from Nanticoke, PA, about 17 miles from Jane McHUGH-DOYLE's home in Pittson. So our maternal line goes McHUGH-DOYLE-O'ROURKE-McHUGH.

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